STED was founded in 2015 by Landscape Architect Martin Hjerl and Architect / Urban Planner Rosa Lund. STED got integrated as a part of Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects the 1th of February 2022, but will continues as its own brand. The name of the studio STED (Place in English) is chosen to underline the imperative focus of our work: The Place.

STED is characterized by an experimental working environment. Our team consists of deeply dedicated Landscape Architects, Architects and Urban Planners and our goal is to design and develop places, landscapes, cities and strategies in the highest quality. To us, quality does not only concern aesthetics. It concerns the value a project brings to a place and how it is being used and “taken in” by its users. To us a successful project is a place that supports local communities by giving space to everyday life, recreation, movement and Human meetings. A place where new aspects and narratives about a landscape or an urban space are generated in the public consciousness and, most importantly, make sense to its users. In order to create sense-making places, our approach always takes point of departure in an in-depth analysis of The Place and its users, regardless of scale or context. This is done in order to create the most solid foundation for developing beautiful, sustainable high-quality Landscape Architecture with well-anchored local ownership.

Our approach ensures that any intervention in a place, small or large-scale, is being conducted with the highest respect for the social, cultural, urban or natural landscape heritage and characteristics – the components that all together constitute what we call the Dialect of a place.
In our method we use the Dialect of a Place as a key component when we create the concept and formulate the narrative of a place that ultimately will define the design. We design with the narrative, and from the large master plan to the very small detail, the place’s narrative must be “readable” in a project.

Landscapes and Urban Spaces
We develop, design and detail landscapes and Urban Spaces in all scales and phases of a project. From idea- and concept development to sketching proposals, regulatory review projects, planting-and operation plans, detailing, construction management and professional supervision.

Cultural heritage and revitalization
We transform and revitalize places. We conduct registrations and analyzes of cultural-historical environments and develop landscape architectural solutions based on a humble and respectful approach to the uniqueness of the place.

Play, learning and movement
We develop urban spaces and places that evoke curiosity and give space to movement, learning and play with open programs that can be activated regardless of the season – by users of all interests and ages. Play and movement can be considered in all types of urban spaces – from schoolyards to public squares and residences and gardens.

Screenings, analysis and vision
We conduct early screenings of plots and portfolios and map the sites’ preconditions, constraints and potentials, and thus form a solid basis for further development work with a place. We conduct site and landscape analyzes and develop visions for public and private builders. And we translate analyzes and visions into potential plans, reports, models and presentations.

Master Planning Frameworks
We conduct Master Plan Frameworks for both cities, rural and residential areas and municipalities in DK and abroad on the basis of an approach that takes particular account of the conditions of nature and communities. We work from a conviction that cities are never finished, but always in a successive development phase.

Strategic Development Plans
We create strategic development plans for municipalities and public-private partnerships in order to create sustainable growth, settlement, tourism, destination development and vibrant cities that support communities.

STED as a Business partner
We are always open for a cup of coffee and new collaborations.
Our approach is extrovert based on trust, respect and dialogue in all phases of a project. As partners, we take pride in working team based – together rather than in parallel – always with a respectful dialogue across disciplines and roles.